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Sinhala Wal Katha Amma 2018 Quit Smoking Tips 5 Hukana Katha

sinhala wal katha amma 2018          WAYS OF STOPPING
mixture of tars, known poisons, and irritants.
You not only inhale it hundreds of times a day, but it
remains in your body, slowly clogging and corroding .
Is that what you want?  sinhala wal katha amma 2018
You decarbonise your car or motorbike every few thousand
miles, yet deliberately carbonise your lungs.
Arc you worth less care and maintenance than a mere
engine? sinhala wal katha amma ekka 2018

sinhala wal katha amma 2018 Go on. get a clean white handkerchief …
Twenty cigarettes a day, and you’re puffing that lot into
yourself a hundred thousand times a year.
The power of positive non-smoking sinhala wal katha 2017 2018
However, don’t make the mistake of being negative about any
of these medical considerations.
Yes, smoking is undoubtedly a serious danger to health: if Sinhala Wal Katha Amma 2018
cigarettes were to be newly invented, and the manufacturers
tried to put them on the market, they’d be banned.
In all probability, if there wasn’t so much money to be made
from them, so much government revenue from taxes, they’d
already be banned … or their use would at least be tightly

sinhala wal katha amma 2018 But to stop smoking is not simply to say ‘No’ to ill -health
and premature death. Rather, it’s a positive action, a decisive
move towards a more richly rewarding life.
Yes, you’ll be healthier, fitter, have an improved sense of
well-being . . but you’ll also be a self-reliant human being.
To stop smoking isn’t the end of anything you need regret,
but the beginning of something you’ll enjoy until the day you
die your new life.sinhala wal katha ammai 2018

sinhala wal katha amma 2018 You won’t only be stopping, but starting.
So please don’t feel pressured or threatened. Unless you
choose freely, it’s hardly a choice. And stopping is mostly about
choosing, about you as a responsible person making your own
daily decisions. living your own way in your own time. sinhala wela
Besides, the medical facts merely describe the long-term
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