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Quit smoking Tips 9


twelve years of your wages by the time you retire at sixty-five
if you live that long.
So you pay the price of a small house for a case of lung
cancer, seven or eight new cars for an early death from chronic
bronchitis, and forty annual holidays abroad for a probably
fatal attack of coronary thrombosis.

And most of that money goes on taxation and the vast costs
of advertising campaigns designed to persuade smokers to
smoke more, or even merely to change brands.
It would be much less harmful, and certainly just as
sensible, to strike that match and burn the fiver.
Be a happy miser
But, again, don’t make the mistake of being negative —
because to stop smoking is not simply to stop spending money,
but a positive way of using your money to better effect. And

all it costs is a resolution which will be easier to keep the longer
you keep it. After the first few days or weeks you’ll hardly
notice that you’re keeping anything … except your money.
• Some people save what they would otherwise have spent on
a packet, and put the pound note or the coins into a piggy bank
or box or tin . . or. better still, in a large glass jar up on a shelf
or the mantelpiece where they can see and be reminded just
how much they’ve been spending all these years.
• Others work out the price of one cigarette. and put the
pennies aside every time they feel the temptation and resist.
• And others calculate the cost for a week or a month, and
bank that amount in a savings account.

The point is that you should make yourself realise exactly
how much you actually spend on cigarettes .. and the
probable shock may shame you into stopping.
Who could possibly burn all that real money?
‘Perhaps,’ says Miriam Stoppard, ‘it’s a habit you can no
longer afford. Think what you would do with the money you
could save . . the first things that you would spend your
savings on.’

sinhala wela
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