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Quit Smoking Tips 8


modifying your diet in favour of lighter and fresher foods.
It used to he thought that impotence was ‘all in the mind’,
caused by anxiety or stress, but now it’s been found that ‘eight
out of ten cases result from damage to blood vessels’: which
‘reduces blood pressure in the penis’. Even a ‘small constriction
to the artery inside the penis’ is enough to ‘prevent erection’. A
similar constriction ’causes coronary heart disease’, and (as we
have already seen) those amputations of the legs.
Men whose impotence was ’caused by poor circulation’
were ‘twice as likely to be smokers’.

These findings ‘are a blow for tobacco manufacturers.’
wrote Oliver Gillie, because they have always ‘promoted
smoking as sexy and macho ..
But even without the disappointments and frustrations of
male impotence, it can’t always be pleasant to make love with
a smoker: the constant smell of stale smoke, the stained
fingers, the yellowed teeth .. the had breath . .
Burning fivers

Another very simple way of persuading yourself about the
costs of smoking is to burn money.
Yes, there are obviously many social costs, but never forget
just how much real money you spend.
So go on, take a crisp new five -pound note, strike a match,
and light the hard-earned thing rather than a cigarette. You
could even try sniffing at the smoke, which has a strangely
distinctive smell — something to do with the printing ink ..
You can’t bring yourself to do anything quite so silly?
Well, remind yourself: That’s what you’re actually doing
when you smoke — not quite so quickly, perhaps, but

At present prices (certain to increase as the years pass and
Budgets spiral upwards), if you smoke twenty a day you spend
just under a tenth of the average weekly wage on . what?
If you started at the age of fifteen or sixteen, and reached
thirty a day by your fortieth birthday, you’ll have spent ten or

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