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Quit Smoking Tips 7


Can you see Jesus Christ smoking?
Not thirsting on the Cross, but craving?
Wine, roses, and kisses
For other smokers, with an interest in the pleasures of the
body and its senses, it might he enough to realise that
professional wine -tasters do not smoke. It injures the delicate
mucous membranes of the nose, mouth, and throat, and
would thus make it impossible for them to distinguish the
aromas, the bouquets, the sweetness or the dryness of various
wines and vintages.

And this also applies to the other pleasures of the palate: if
you smoke, your full enjoyment of all but the most highly.
spiced food is impaired, even spoiled.
How long is it since you noticed the perfume of a rose? No,
not by the dozen in the florists or on the market -stall, but one
by one, bush by bush, out there in the garden, first thing of a
Summer morning? ‘The wild thyme unseen and the wild
strawberry …•
Stop smoking … and fresh air is more invigorating, kisses
are sweeter, and orgasms are more overwhelming.
Who can soar to the heights of sexual loving while struggling
for breath? Or worried about a heart attack?

Don Juan and forty a day
The effects of smoking on sexual ‘performance’ are not at all
as promised by the advertisements.
A Medical Correspondent. Oliver Gillie, recently des-
cribed the results of some studies made by a group of French
doctors, as reported in The Lancet.
‘Impotence is most commonly caused by poor blood
circulation, brought on in middle -age by smoking and a diet
high in far, and it may he ‘reversed, or at least arrested, by
giving up cigarettes and improving the diet’.
And, as we shall see. part of the process of stopping involves

sinhala wela
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