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Quit Smoking Tips 10


Are you really sure you’re smoking?
If you keep an accurate account of how many cigarettes you
actually smoke a day, as opposed to how many you think you
do, or admit to other people, you’ll probably be surprised.
It’s so easy to take your smoking for granted, and most
smokers tend to underestimate….
‘You know,’ they’ll say, ‘about a packet.’
A packet of ten?

‘Well, no, twenty … a packet of twenty.’
But if they start counting, making a note of each cigarette as
they lit it, they’d likely find that they have one when they wake
up or get out of bed in the morning, one before breakfast, one
after, a couple on the way to work, one when they arrive, a
couple or three during the morning, one with their coffee, a
couple during the rest of the morning, one before lunch, a
couple after, another couple before tea, one after, then a
couple more, more on the way home, more if they call in at
their local for a drink …

That’s over twenty before they’ve started on the evening.
So it’s important to be honest with yourself, because you’re
the easiest person to kid.
But if you can be humiliatingly honest, and then establish
how many of these cigarettes you really enjoy, as opposed to
how many you merely smoke for habit or association of
ideas …
‘I always have one with my coffee.’

Well, you’ll almost certainly be more than surprised.
How many do you look forward to? Light up with conscious
pleasure? Smoke to the last slow luxurious puff? And
remember for longer than a few minutes?
• And how many make you cough and splutter and leave you
with a nasty taste? How many do you find yourself smoking
without being fully aware of having lit them? Have you ever lit
one, and then noticed another still half -smoked in the ash-
tray? Do you stub one out after a few puffs, and then light
another within a few minutes? If you were blindfolded, would

sinhala wela
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